Proud Plant Mum Leaf Health Kit
Proud Plant Mum Leaf Health Kit

Proud Plant Mum Leaf Health Kit

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This is the PERFECT planty present; whether you are impressing a seasoned gardener, or helping a budding green thumb improve their plant game. This limited edition taster size treatment contains Protect Spray with Neem, to keep leaves shiny and free from light-blocking dust and toxins. It's combined with the adjustable microfibre Leaf Cleaning Glove to effortlessly remove pests and build up. They're packed in giftable box, so you don't even have to wrap it!

Protect Spray with Neem (250ml):
Amplifies the power of neem oil with Australian-inspired ingredients, like lemon myrtle, to shine and protect. Doesn't stink like other neem based sprays!

Adjustable Leaf Cleaning Glove in Adorable Pink:
This machine-washable and adjustable glove cleans leaves and removes pests in a fraction of the time. Works for both left handed and right handed. Limited edition pink colour.